Getting Started

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Welcome to Stereo. Stereo allows you to create your own radio station with music from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to create your first radio station.


Station Page

Stereo Studio is organized into two sections: Playlist and Station. A station has events (blocks of schedule), where each event will use a playlist. Therefore, we need at least a playlist before creating a station.

Create a Playlist

Create a playlist by clicking on New Playlist. Then, enter the name you want.

There are two playlist types: Loop and DJ. For now, we will leave it as Loop.

Continue by hitting Create Playlist. You should be redirected to the Playlist Edit Page.

Playlist Page

There are two panels in the Playlist Edit Page: Add Tracks (on the left) and Playlist Content (on the right).

In the Add Tracks section, you will add tracks from different providers, such as Youtube or SoundCloud. Try looking up your favorite tracks and add four or five of them.

In the Playlist Content section, you will manage what are in the playlist by reordering or removing tracks. Try reordering the tracks by dragging and dropping them. Also, try removing a track by clicking on the 🗑️ button next to it.

Create a Station

You should now have at least a playlist with several tracks. Go back to Station Page by clicking on the ⬅ button.

Create a station by clicking on New Station. Enter the name and description (optional) you want and hit Create Station. You should be redirected to the Station Edit Page.

There are four different tabs, Main, Schedule, Detail, and Publish. We will go over them in detail later.

The schedule of a station is organized by events.

Create a new event by clicking on New Event. A dialog should pop up.

Station Edit Event

Enter the title of the event. Then, select the playlist you just created from the drop-down. At the time of the event, the tracks from this playlist will be played in the order they were added.

You will then proceed to set the time (local) that you want the event to be on air and its duration. Since we only have one playlist, for now, we can click on All day and select all days of the week. This will play the playlist 24/7.

Later when you have different playlists, consider dividing the schedule into unique events.

Voila! You have created your first station. You can click on (View station) at the top to see your station. Make sure to share it with your friends and families.

This can be super confusing 😵. That's why we're here to help whenever you need.